API Reference tune v0.1.0


Defines a small shim to use Finch as a Sentry.HTTPClient.

Includes functions used to perform authentication.

This module is responsible for all runtime config resolution.

Provides functions to convert millisecond durations to different formats.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

Provides functions to generate integration links from tracks, artists and albums.

This module contains logic to generate player names with a reasonable degree of entropy without the need of a stateful generator.

Defines a behaviour that can be used to model a Spotify API client.

This module implements the Tune.Spotify.Client behaviour and interacts with the actual Spotify API.

Includes types and functions shared across schemas.

Represents an album.

Represents an artist.

Represents a device able to play.

Represents an episode.

Represents the status of a users playing device.

Represents a playlist.

Represents a show/episode publisher.

Represents a show.

Represents an album track.

Represents a Spotify user.

Defines a behaviour that can be used to model an active user session against the Spotify API.

This module implements a state machine mapped to a user session, wrapping interaction with the Spotify API.

Controls authentication via the Spotify API.

Main view used in the application. Covers

Module with named helpers generated from TuneWeb.Router.